Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for employees, their supervisors, and subcontractors is a fundamental requirement for top results. To guarantee this, Circet has a culture of transparency and openness: we make time to get to know each other and allow room for continuous improvement.

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We listen to each other.

We want everyone to feel good in our workplaces. To achieve this, we take several steps: first, we train our employees to work safely and healthily. But we also communicate with each other: during regular meetings, we truly get to know the needs of our employees and subcontractors. They hear from us what they can improve, and vice versa, we hear from them.

Policy statement.

Safety, health, and environmental awareness are at the core of our business operations. This is also declared by our CEO Bavo De Cock in his policy statement.

We inspect (and are inspected)

But just providing information is not enough; we also go and see. Our separate QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment) department conducts monthly workplace inspections. In addition, all our managers conduct daily checks, for example on the proper use of personal protective equipment within their own teams. We also allow ourselves to be inspected by external independent parties and clients to do our work as well as possible: our many certifications (ISO 9001, VCA**, Ecovadis) are evidence of the excellent scores we achieve in this regard.

Continuously striving for improvement

Of course, we continue to work on safety and health. In 2023, we aim to achieve the ISO-22301 certificate for Business Continuity Management, thereby facing disruptive events head-on. In 2024, the ISO-45001 certificate for safety and ISO-14001 for the environment are on the agenda in Belgium. In the Netherlands, in 2023 as well, we will take steps towards certification for ISO 14001 and prepare for ISO-22301 and ISO-45001.



We make clear agreements

Clear agreements make good friends. We do everything in our power to nip abuse in the bud with standardized contracts, including strict clauses on social security and tax withholding obligations. Not in compliance with social and safety legislation? Then we terminate the contract - something we have unfortunately had to do.

All our subcontractors also sign our code of conduct against corruption and malpractice in the workplace. We always immediately request the contact details of their internal and external prevention services.

Who works for us?

At the workplace, everyone registers through Checkinatwork (BE) or Keesing (NL), ensuring compliance with the law and regulations. During workplace visits, we conduct a significant number of personnel checks ourselves. This way, we keep a close eye on everyone working for us.

Anyone can report abuse

Despite all efforts, if you notice any abuse or malpractice, anyone - internal or external - can report it through our whistleblower portal. Reports go directly to our headquarters and are thoroughly investigated. If we do confirm any abuse, we terminate the collaboration with the subcontractor and inform our client.

Do you have any questions about our transparency policy? Please contact us.