Always being online. For streaming, remote working, gaming, ... It's a given for your customers. A robust solution for lightning-fast internet and high data speeds? Fiber. With our turnkey solutions on an industrial scale, Circet completely relieves you. From the initial high-level design to connection. And beyond.

About us     Working at Circet

What you can expect

Top quality

In a world that is constantly changing and rapidly digitizing, a robust, reliable, and ultra-fast internet connection plays a crucial role. Circet is familiar with the latest technologies, thinks along with you, coordinates, and installs top-quality fiber connections for your customers. This ensures that you guarantee your end customers maximum uptime (> 99.99%).

From A to Z

Circet designs, installs, tests, and connects your customers to your fiber network. In short, as the largest player in Europe, we completely take the load off your shoulders. From communicating with all stakeholders to making the connection ready for use in the homes. And it doesn't stop there. Even afterwards, you can rely on the expertise of our technicians for expert maintenance.

Efficient team

To shorten lead times, we deploy multiskilled teams including FttH designers, a city manager, site manager, and permit officers. They handle the design, apply for permits, and closely monitor the work. The excavation teams are engaged daily in civil works. And the fiber optic splicers connect the cables, both at POP locations and in the streets leading to households. In summary: less disruption, more work in the same time!

Our USP's

  • Hoge klantentevredenheid (NPS > 33)
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Maximale uptime (> 99,99%)
  • Gedreven, vakbekwame medewerkers
  • Kostenefficiënte oplossingen
  • Complete ontzorging op industriële schaal
  • State of the art IT-systemen
  • Projectteams op maat

Fiber to the Home: an 8-Step Plan

Over the years, we have developed our own methodology. A well-thought-out and solution-oriented step-by-step plan that enhances the efficiency and lead time of each project.


Transparent communication with all stakeholders

During the initiation phase, we map out all stakeholders involved in a new FttH project (both on your end and within the city/municipality). We communicate transparently about the planned fiber optic works. Additionally, we check the connection addresses for an accurate business case (TCO).


Feasibility study and TCO calculation

During the planning phase, we design high-level designs for your feasibility study and business case (TCO) with our own technical engineering teams. This is based on street surveys, among other factors. Of course, we also consider the most common design rules. Subsequently, we prepare low-level designs for the actual construction of your FttH network.


Thorough analysis and testing

We analyze the most suitable location for the Point of Presence (POP) based on the chosen technology, your design rules, and business case (TCO). Meanwhile, we order, install, and configure all materials and test the equipment and connections before the POP location goes live.


Fiber installation: underground, via facades, or poles

Depending on the region and regulations, we install the fiber optic network underground through civil works, on existing buildings via facades, and/or through existing pole infrastructure. Our experienced fiber optic splicers deliver quality and efficient work.


Comprehensive testing of the entire network

Before the network goes live, we thoroughly test everything. At that point, we also provide all necessary as-built plans and other information.


Connections in the homes

We activate the connection in the homes of your end customers, swap the routers and modems, and explain in understandable language how their fiber optic connection works.


Maintenance work: proactive and reactive

We maintain all components of your fiber optic network with precision and the highest quality, both proactively and reactively. It's good to know that our technicians work swiftly across the entire Benelux and adhere to strict SLAs.


24/7 monitoring in our own NOC

We monitor fiber optic networks 24/7 in our Network Operations Center (NOC) and take proactive action when necessary. This way, we are almost always a step ahead of most issues.

Safety first!

Safety is our top priority

"Our employees are VCA certified and consistently conduct a Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA) at each project location. Through Toolbox meetings, we keep a close eye on safety. Traffic safety is also high on the agenda. At the Circet Academy, we train our people and simulate realistic work situations to make (new) employees aware of any potential risks and hazards.

I want to know more!

Safety, health, and environmental awareness: in every activity and work process within Circet, we pay attention to it.

Bavo De Cock, CEO - Circet Benelux