The fifth generation of mobile networks is here. Building new sites rapidly and upgrading existing ones are crucial for the further rollout of 5G. Circet Benelux handles the end-to-end deployment, management, and maintenance of mobile 5G networks from A to Z.

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An approach that suits you

With our turnkey and modular solutions, we facilitate the transition to mobile 5G networks, catering to both outdoor and indoor coverage. From site acquisition to the rollout and maintenance of both mobile public and mobile private networks (MPN), we handle it all. Utilizing the latest technologies, we install new sites (new build) and upgrade existing ones.

Transparency in your investment and our capacity is a given. It's essential for you to realistically forecast, both quarterly and annually. Additionally, you can choose the type of agreement that best suits you: through lump sum (a package price for a predefined scope of work) or BOQ (Bill of Quantity).

What you can expect

20 years of experience

Both Circet Benelux and our partners have over 20 years of experience. We provide end-to-end solutions, ensuring complete peace of mind for you. Prefer a modular approach? Even then, you can rely on our expertise in every step of the process.

Unique partner network

Over the years, we have established an extensive partner network. Thanks to this unique ecosystem, we can scale quickly and with high quality. Additionally, each partner is an expert in their field. Through knowledge sharing in the Circet Academy, we ensure that this expertise is present in the projects we carry out for you.

Innovative approach

Opting for a collaboration with Circet Benelux means benefitting from our innovative nature. We are well-versed in the latest technologies and always think one step ahead. Site digitalization is a prime example of this.

That's how Circet became one of Nokia's key partners

End-to-end deployment of mobile 5G networks

Acquiring the spectrum license entails a significant investment. It is crucial that customers can be connected as quickly as possible. As the number one Network Service Provider in Europe, we have established a robust approach for this purpose.

Design & site acquisition

The reach of 5G antennas is limited. We design a mobile network with seamless coverage (excluding radio planning). Subsequently, we focus entirely on site acquisition. Local partners and ourselves, being well-anchored, then apply for the necessary permits.

Site engineering

We design and build new sites (designing steel structures and conducting stability studies). Additionally, we upgrade existing sites using innovative technology. Through a 360-degree camera, we create a digital twin/SOP of the site. This reduces on-site visits and expedites the process.

Site construction

We install passive and active equipment (including cable work and commissioning), perform civil works (site reinforcement), and handle dismantling and recycling. We also manage the necessary permit applications. Subsequently, we create an SOP-out via the 360-degree camera.

Site acceptance

Time for testing. We carry out test scripts and drive tests (Antenna Live Validation). We also verify all completed work and documentation, addressing any necessary refinements.

Forward & reverse logistics

We replace end-of-life equipment and ensure it is stored back in your warehouse or recycled.

Site maintenance

Our collaboration doesn't end after construction. We periodically maintain passive equipment, using digital twins. Intervention teams are ready in case of incidents and perform Antenna line repair services based on predefined SLAs.

Project management

Throughout the entire project, our experienced operations managers, along with their teams, monitor quality, speed, and safety. They also provide continuous reports to you.

Knowledge sharing in the Circet Academy

A behind-the-scenes step. At the Circet Academy, we share new insights and acquired knowledge. We train our employees and subcontractors to ensure we always guarantee sufficient capacity

Safety first!

Safety is our top priority

"Our employees are VCA certified and consistently conduct a Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA) at each project location. Through Toolbox meetings, we keep a close eye on safety. Traffic safety is also high on the agenda. At the Circet Academy, we train our people and simulate realistic work situations to make (new) employees aware of any potential risks and hazards.

I want to know more!

Safety, health, and environmental awareness: in every activity and work process within Circet, we pay attention to it.

Bavo De Cock, CEO - Circet Benelux