In my capacity as CEO, I believe that raising awareness about security, health, and environmental issues is an integral part of our organization's quality system. These aspects are now inseparable from the Group's other priorities. I want the missions entrusted to us to be carried out to the complete satisfaction of the clients, both in terms of quality and continuity. I am committed to ensuring the physical and psychosocial well-being of our employees and all relevant individuals. I aim to comply with the current legislation and environmental regulations, as well as contribute to a healthier environment and climate for the communities within which Circet Benelux operates and for future generations.

Respecting the criteria of safety, health, and the environment is a priority for me. I expect all of my collaborators to follow me in this direction, and I expect their superiors to set an example for them. I intend to invest in this policy and prioritize a qualitative, safe, and environmentally friendly approach to the activities, products, and services of our company. This policy on safety and the environment goes hand in hand with continuity and profitability. In addition to preventing accidents with bodily injuries and our concern for the safety of third parties, I also prioritize the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution and the respect for biodiversity and ecosystems.

We can enhance safety by properly preparing work through risk analysis, pre-workplace inspections, and adequate training in the use of personal protective equipment. There is no question for Circet Benelux of harming the environment or causing harm to third parties. We expect the third parties we employ and our subcontractors to share our vision on safety. The provisions in this regard will also be an integral part of our collaboration contracts.

I would also like to say that our ecological commitment is a key element of the company's policy. We must do everything possible to minimize the impact of our projects and operations on the environment and climate and to comply with current environmental laws and regulations. Circet Benelux will continuously seek to improve its performance in this area, particularly by optimizing waste flows and actively working to reduce its carbon footprint. I will set measurable objectives and implement the necessary measures to prevent or reduce negative impacts. I also intend to promote sustainability within our supply chain and encourage all our employees and partners to adopt exemplary behavior towards the environment.

In short, my ultimate goal is to promote safety, health, the environment, and our quality management system even more. I intend to achieve this by entrusting the members of the management with the task of organizing personal inspections, analyzing any possible shortcomings, and meeting compliance obligations.

This declaration will be subject to review within three years in order to adapt it, if necessary, to the specific needs of the organization and our community.

On behalf of the management,

Bavo De Cock CEO