Fast and smart, that's how Circet envisions the vital infrastructure of the future. That's why we're laying down ultra-fast fiber optic networks, as well as charging stations for EVs and smart meters. Thanks to a strong digitalization of our processes, we are able to deliver top-quality turnkey solutions. Supported by international expertise and local knowledge, which we refine day by day in our Circet Academy.

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Fiber to the Home (FttH)

Fiber ensures a robust and ultra-fast network. Circet provides a complete solution: designing, laying, testing, and even connecting your customers at their homes. Our teams have extensive experience with permits and project management, minimizing disruptions to an absolute minimum. We also excel in monitoring and maintenance services.

Fiber to the Business (FttB)

Offices and factories increasingly rely on a reliable network. Circet also has extensive experience with fiber optics in the business sector: we deliver over 5000 connections annually in industrial areas, business parks, and urban environments. Our solutions are fully turnkey, from design and all administrative tasks to monitoring. We even install (wireless) networks and data cabling for your clients.

Fiber to the Site (FttS)

5G opens up a world of new innovations, and we are the designated partner for this too. Circet has ample experience connecting fiber networks to masts. Feasibility studies? We handle them. Stakeholder communication? We do it. Permit applications? We take care of it. We also manage the installations behind the scenes (such as transmission equipment in a mast). Have other needs? We'll brainstorm with you.


With our turnkey and modular solutions, we facilitate the transition to mobile 5G networks, both for the realization of outdoor and indoor coverage. From site acquisition to the rollout and maintenance of both mobile public and mobile private networks (MPN), we've got you covered. Using the latest technologies, we install new sites (new builds) and upgrade existing ones.

In-home services

Need an installation or facing an issue at your customer's place? We have over 1000 service engineers ready to assist your customers promptly. It doesn't always require an in-person visit: our smart tools enable our service desk to diagnose issues remotely. If a visit is necessary, our Service Cruiser ensures swift follow-up. We keep track of inventory and vans at different locations and map out the entire customer journey. Our engineers are also commercially astute.


More electric vehicles mean more charging stations. This is another area of expertise for Circet. From installation, activation, monitoring, maintenance to replacement: our comprehensive approach is well-known. Whether for individuals, businesses, or in public domains, we handle it all.

Smart meters

Smart meters for gas, electricity, and water offer numerous advantages. Many energy suppliers and grid operators rely on Circet for the rapid deployment of smart meters. As a total partner, we handle the entire process, including communication with your end customer.

Network Operations Center

Maximum availability of your fiber or charging network, along with a comprehensive overview of all assets, is only possible with a 24/7 active Network Operations Center (NOC). Circet has one. Here, we monitor all passive and active infrastructure, including preventive measures, and control access to each POP location.

Service Cruiser

Planning installations and repairs, supervising technicians, managing inventory - all in line with your SLAs and KPIs. You can achieve all this with our SaaS platform, Service Cruiser, which operates fully in the cloud and is integrable via APIs. Automatic reminders and appointment confirmations make it easier for your customers too.

How do we get all those specialists?

Simple: we train them ourselves. In our Circet Academy, we offer no less than 200 different courses and trainings. That's more than 1200 trainees and over 50,000 training hours per year.

This way, we ensure that each of our employees meets the highest standards in terms of quality and safety.

Bavo De Cock, CEO - Circet Benelux