Satisfied customers are crucial in every business, but even more so in telecom, smart energy, and ICT. Automate, structure, and digitize your field service with Service Cruiser: a customized software platform that effortlessly enables you to schedule device installations and repairs, manage services and technicians, and much more, all via the cloud.

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What is Service Cruiser?

Service Cruiser is a field workforce management system designed by the development and product management team at Circet. We help various industries, including telecom, smart energy, and ICT, to streamline their field service operations with a cloud-based SaaS platform. A team of dedicated experts maintains the platform and continuously develops features and solutions tailored to your company's needs.



Service Cruiser effortlessly connects with your systems

Combine a wide range of functions

With Service Cruiser, you can effortlessly manage end-to-end recurring volume work. From dispatching to order entry, repairs, and installations planning: tackle high volumes with as little manual administrative intervention as possible.

Enhance your end customer's experience

Create an unparalleled customer experience with extensive communication capabilities through web portals, email, call centers, and more. Send automated reminder emails and appointment confirmations, elevating your end customer's journey to a new level.

Choose safety first

Service Cruiser is fully committed to field safety (with last-minute risk assessments, bidirectional information exchange between the back office and the field, checklists, and more) and information security (the development and support around Service Cruiser is ISO27001 certified).

Some of our customers using Service Cruiser

Achieve rapid results with Service Cruiser


Reduce your TCO

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership by more than 35% through state-of-the-art planning and workflow management.

First Time Right

Increase your First Time Right

Increase your First Time Right ratio by more than 15% through excellent competence management and remote assistance.

Customer Satisfaction

More customer satisfaction

Achieve more than 10% increased customer satisfaction through automated and clear communication with your end customer.

Safety first!

Safety is our top priority

"Our employees are VCA certified and consistently conduct a Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA) at each project location. Through Toolbox meetings, we keep a close eye on safety. Traffic safety is also high on the agenda. At the Circet Academy, we train our people and simulate realistic work situations to make (new) employees aware of any potential risks and hazards.

I want to know more!

Safety, health, and environmental awareness: in every activity and work process within Circet, we pay attention to it.

Bavo De Cock, CEO - Circet Benelux