Are you an energy supplier, charging station manufacturer, leasing company, or charge point operator looking to relieve customers with a high-quality EV installation? Whether it's in private, business, or public domains, and whether you need standard charging capacity or a fast charger, Circet installs, activates, monitors, repairs, and maintains electric charging stations and entire infrastructures. Choose an independent, service-driven specialist with high customer satisfaction, years of technical experience, and quick turnaround times. Choose Circet.

About us     Working at Circet

The rise of electric (commercial) vehicles is driving a significant increase in demand for EV charging stations. Circet has long been known for its innovative turnkey solutions and is a pioneer in the field of EV. As a certified service partner, we are responsible for the entire process: from survey and installation to repair and maintenance, spanning across borders.

End-to-end solutions

We install electric charging stations for individuals, businesses, and in public domains. The approach varies each time, but the common thread lies in quality, transparent communication, and meticulous follow-up. It's good to know that we also take care of civil works - breaking and redeveloping driveways and roads. To stay abreast of technical competencies and related regulations, we organize various training programs in our three Circet Academies. This approach maximizes in-house knowledge about all technical aspects and processes. If you have any questions, your dedicated contact person will guide you through the entire process.

For all your customers


Fully relieve your end customer? We take care of everything. From the quote to maintenance. We explain in detail how your residential customer can best use the charging station in combination with their peak consumption, solar panels, or home battery.


Keeping the company vehicles of your professional clients always ready to go? Thanks to Circet's secure installation and monitoring, business leaders can rest assured. They can maximize their investment with peace of mind.


A public charging station that doesn't work generates no revenue. Even after expert installation, as a public institution, you can rely on Circet. We monitor 24/7 in our own NOC. Any issues? We're already on our way!

  • Full coverage in the Benelux
  • Complete peace of mind
  • Dedicated project teams tailored to your needs
  • +100 dedicated and certified field engineers
  • An in-house 24/7 Network Operations Center
  • 3 Circet Academies in the Benelux
  • First-time ratio > 95%
  • ISO9001 and VCA** certified


A robust solution in 4 steps
Over the years, we have developed our own methodology. A thoughtful and solution-oriented roadmap that benefits the efficiency and timeline of each project.


Total relief from the first contact

As soon as a request comes in, we organize an inspection for your customer, either over the phone or on-site. We check the meter cupboard and fuses and advise your customer on the installation of the charging station. Subsequently, you receive our detailed and transparent quote for discussion with your customer. Thanks to our turnkey solutions, our operating costs are on average about 20% lower. Also good to know: Circet works with a fully automated planning system via a state-of-the-art cloud platform. This can be perfectly integrated into your customer's website and portal. This ensures smooth communication with the end customer and provides you with up-to-date status information at all times!


Delivered within two weeks

Through our just-in-time inventory management and good partnerships with reliable suppliers, we keep the project timeline short: expect a maximum of 2 working weeks after the approval of the quote. At the agreed time, a team of certified professionals will install the charging station at your customer's location. They will also take care of any necessary adjustments to the electrical panel, infrastructure work, and provide expert advice. Upon your request, we can also configure an Energy Management System for your end customer.


Clear explanation? Always included!

After the installation, you will receive the necessary documents. We also schedule the electrical inspection (only mandatory in Belgium) for your end customer, typically one working day after the installation, ensuring an immediate return on the investment. Our technician thoroughly explains everything so that the end-user knows exactly how everything works and how to use the charging station most efficiently. A customer service representative will then follow up with your customer to ensure a smooth process and may send your customer an NPS survey.


Optimal operation thanks to strict SLAs

Once the charging station or wallbox is installed, we proactively monitor everything through our own NOC, 24/7. If we detect an error, we can restart the charging station remotely. If that proves insufficient, a service engineer is already on the way. Thanks to our strict SLAs, you can be sure that your charging stations are operating at maximum efficiency. We also schedule any necessary maintenance and repairs promptly.

Safety first!

Safety is our top priority

"Our employees are VCA certified and consistently conduct a Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA) at each project location. Through Toolbox meetings, we keep a close eye on safety. Traffic safety is also high on the agenda. At the Circet Academy, we train our people and simulate realistic work situations to make (new) employees aware of any potential risks and hazards.

I want to know more!

Safety, health, and environmental awareness: in every activity and work process within Circet, we pay attention to it.

Bavo De Cock, CEO - Circet Benelux