As CEO, I believe that safety, health, and environmental awareness are integral parts of our business operations. Today, these aspects cannot be separated from any other business-related considerations.

Safety, health, and environmental consciousness are a priority for me, and I expect all employees to follow suit, with the leaders setting an example. I am committed to implementing a safety policy and focusing on environmentally friendly ways to manage our various business activities, products, and services. This safety and environmental policy aligns with our commitment to ensuring continuity and profitability by providing a framework for establishing safety and environmental objectives. In addition to preventing personal injury and ensuring the safety of third parties, the protection of the environment, including pollution prevention and the safeguarding of biodiversity and ecosystems, is central to our mission.

Safety can be promoted through thorough work preparation, risk assessment, workplace inspections prior to employment, and training on the use of personal protective equipment. Our company cannot afford environmental damage or harm to third parties. Third parties employed by us and subcontractors must also uphold this safety mindset. Safety will be a key criterion in selecting subcontractors. Safety provisions will be an integral part of our collaborative contracts.

I aim to continuously improve safety, the environment, and quality, and to demonstrate this through additional certifications in these areas. I aim to strive for continuous improvement of the safety, health, and environmental management system. I plan to achieve this through personal inspections by the members of my management team, a thorough analysis of deficiencies, and compliance with regulatory obligations.

I will review this statement within 3 years to assess the needs within the organization and the community and revise it as necessary.

For the Board of Directors,

Bavo De Cock

CEO, Circet Benelux